Delight in every bite.

Since 1993, Dadu's has come a long way, satisfying many customers and being a part of in-numerous celebrations. Now we bring you "D.Turq", our retail brand housing various sweet treats from Turkey to regale your craving. Combining age old techniques with artistic mastery we ensure every bite will delight your senses. Prepared with passion under the guidance of experts from Egypt, we invite you to indulge in our array of authentic sweets like baklava, kunafa, boukej, hegab and various others, available in designer packs for you to relish & to gift to someone you love.

The origin of Turkish Sweets

One of the oldest sweets in the world, going back more than 500 years, the Turkish sweets recipe has remained almost unchanged since the day of its inception. As the story goes, the Sultan, summoned his confectionary chefs and demanded the production of some desserts. It was through this summon the Turkish sweets were born.